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In Patient Service

Treatment for substance/drug use

Out Patient Services

Anxiety, Depression, Sleep, bipolar, Sexual disorders

Laboratory Service

Standardize equipments


Interventions, education and training


Skills, stress, burn out

Mental Fitness Assessment

For travel, Organizations, Embassies

Cafeteria service

Balanced nutrition

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Meet the Staff: Dr. Asmeret Andebirhan

The founder of Lebeza Psychiatry company, general manager and a psychiatrist who have worked in the northern region as a psychiatrist by establishing the first substance Rehabilitation center in the country. MORE ABOUT US

What our patients have to say about us:

Over the last 12 months our medical revenues have increased three fold since the launch of our new lebeza psychiatry web site.
Miss. Abeba , Lebeza accountant manager
Lebeza Psychiatric clinic helped me improve manage my stress and anxiety. More importantly, the outstanding staff members make you feel you are at home. I feel safe there.
Mr. Abebe, In patient service consumer