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About our psychatry clinic

Lebeza Psychiatry Consultation is a private Limited Company established on January 2016 to work on mental health issue of the country. It was established with an aim and vision of providing quality mental health service in area of mental health promotion, early intervention and treatment. In the past one year the company has provided training for health care professionals on mental illness by collaborating with different companies like SANOFI. It also works on promoting mental wellness through various communication Medias.

Currently, after evaluating the service gap and the demand for clinical service the company has opened a specialty clinic on December 11, 2016 that is devoted for Psychiatry service. The clinic is located at the heart of Addis Ababa on the road from Urael church to Capital Hotel where it has its own quiet compound where calmness and healing can take place. It provides both outpatient and stabilization consultations among other mental health services.


To provide quality mental health service by well qualified and experienced professionals with proven track record in the field of psychiatry.

Our vision is to be center of excellence in mental health care in East Africa.


  1. Professionalism: We provide psychiatry care by well skilled a competent staff that has the right personality for our patients.
  2. Client centered service: We prioritize our patients that inspired us to design a service that can increase the comfort and satisfaction during their stay.
  3. Confidentiality: We highly value our patients information and make sure that patients are able to discuss their concerns openly with our care providers.

Our medical staff:

Dr. Asmeret Andeberhan

Dr. Asmeret Andeberhan

Asmeret Andeberhan (MD , Psychiatrist) Founder of the Company, General Manager and a psychiatrist who have worked in the Northern region as a psychiatrist by establishing the first substance Rehabilitation center in the country.

Professor Markos Tesfaye

Professor Markos Tesfaye

Professor Markos Tesfaye is a Professor in Psychiatry with a Great experience in Mental Health. He has published more than 60 articles on respectable Journals also faculty member of St Paulo’s Millennium Medical Collage, Department of Psychiatry.

Dr. Alemtsehay Eyasu

Dr. Alemtsehay Eyasu

Alemtsehay Eyasu(MD, Psychiatrist) is a Consultant Psychiatrist at St Paulos Millennium Medical Collage, Department of Psychiatry.

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