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Meet our Psychiatry staff

The clinic currently has a total of 23 staffs. Ten of them are clinical staffs. It has five Psychiatrists, one neurologist, four clinical Nurses and two patient attendants.

The staff is composed of young and energetic professionals coupled with experienced ones who have worked on varies mental health institutions. Some of the Psychiatrist staff members are pioneers of some of the well known mental health institution like, Jimma University Psychiatry unit and Mekelle University substance rehabilitation center. Surafel Worku

Dr. Surafel Worku

Surafel Worku (MD Psychiatrist) assistant professor of psychiatry, working as psychiatrist and postgraduate program director at saint paul’s hospital Millennium medical collage. More about Surafel Worku coming soon! Beakal Amare

Dr. Beakal Amare

Beakal Amare (MD Psychiatrist) is a Consultant Psychiatrist at Addis Ababa University, AAU Department of Psychiatry, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. More about Beakal Amare coming soon! Azeb Asaminew

Dr. Azeb Asaminew

Dr. Azeb Asaminew Alemu is a Psychiatrist with three years of experience in treating people in rural and urban settings. She is skilled in Psychotherapy and Psychiatric treatment. She has a proven record of improving mental health service delivery in rural Hospital. She is the recipient of Young Physician’s Merit Award from the Ethiopian Medical […] Dagim Alemu

Dr. Dagim Alemu

Dr. Dagim Alemu is a final year psychiatry Resident at Addis Ababa university and a medical doctor with one year clinical experience as a GP.